Pokemon Sword and Shield VGC 2021 Series 10 Single Strike Urshifu Best Nature, Stats, and Moveset

Pokemon Sword and Shield VGC 2021 Series 10 Single Strike Urshifu Best Nature, Stats, and Moveset


Single Strike-Urshifu @ Life Orb (Shiny Locked) LV. 100
Ability: Unseen Fist   
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Wicked Blow
- Sucker Punch
- Close Combat
- Detect



Urshifu-S is a very threatening Pokemon with its Unseen Fist ignoring Protect, which makes it significantly harder to play around, alongside its base 130 Attack and Wicked Blow being unaffected by Intimidate. Wicked Blow ignoring Intimidate lets Urshifu-S click an attack unfazed by the likes of Incineroar and Landorus-T, and it also nails Calyrex-SLunala, and Indeedee-F. Sucker Punch is strong priority that threatens an OHKO on Calyrex-S and a 2HKO on Regieleki. Detect is used over Protect to deal with Imprison users that run Protect such as Zacian-C and Calyrex-S. Focus Sash is the preferred item on Urshifu-S due to its poor Special Defense and weaknesses, which would let Pokemon like XerneasUrshifu-R, and Zacian-C OHKO it otherwise. Life Orb gives Urshifu-S significantly more power, letting it OHKO Tornadus and physically defensive Incineroar. Choice Scarf lets it outpace Mienshao, Calyrex-S, and Nihilego, and Choice Band gives it the power to OHKO Landorus and specially defensive Incineroar after Intimidate. Choice item sets have the awful drawback of not being able to use Detect, making them significantly easier to play around.

Urshifu-S appreciates Tailwind support from common users such as Tornadus and Whimsicott to outspeed threats to itself such as Mienshao, Regieleki, and Nihilego. Zacian-C is good alongside Urshifu-S for its ability to thwart Yveltal, Xerneas, and Tapu Fini, while Urshifu-S can hit Incineroar and Landorus-T for Zacian-C. Regieleki can help keep Urshifu-R and Mienshao in check for Urshifu-S as well giving it speed control with Electroweb. Fake Out users such as Rillaboom, Incineroar, and Gothitelle are fearsome alongside Urshifu-S due to Fake Out pinning down threats such as Xerneas, Landorus, and Zacian-C, allowing Urshifu-S to target the opposition more freely with its Protect-ignoring attacks.


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