Paypal Buyer Protection

Why should you use PayPal for your payment? What’s your benefit?

You will have a much larger array of auctions available to bid on, as it is the  most popular and sometimes only method of payment to a seller.

  1. The best reason - It's FREE for buyers! There are absolutely no costs associated with sending money via PayPal. One benefit for you is ease of payment.
  2. It is very easy to sign up at PayPal.
  3. The easiest form of payment is immediate payment right from your bank account. But you can also use credit cards (M.C., Visa, AmerEx, Discover, or eCheck) and even apply for PayPal Buyer Credit right from the PayPal site. It is a line of credit with PayPal with Low to No Interest Offers.
  4. You can transfer money to ANYONE with an email address or phone number. This does not even need to be an eBay related money transfer. Not just for eBay. Your sister needs money to fix her car - send it to her via PayPal, with no fees and no driving to the bank and Western Union. You can send money to over 190 countries and regions.
  5. There are many more retailers that accept PayPal than eBay. Plus, if you pay via PayPal, they do not have access to your private financial information. PayPal never reveals any of your private banking information.
  6. You can easily apply for a PayPal Debit Card, and if you have any money either from selling an Item or Transferring Money into your PayPal Account from your bank account, then you can use it just like any credit or debit card. Very nice to have.
  7. 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account. If someone gets a hold of your eBay or PayPal information, you are 100% protected.
  8. I have personally had items not arrive, and PayPal refunded all of my money, even the Shipping and Handling charges. You can feel secure in the fact that your money and your items are safe. If you don't receive your item or you receive something that is significantly different from what you ordered: wrong item, broken item (not during transit), different item, you can easily file a dispute to start to a full refund.
  9. It is 100% secure. PayPal guarantees your security. All of your information will be kept confidential and PayPal will not sell or give your information out to third parties. NO Spam!
  10. Safer than money orders and checks. Paper gets lost easily in the mail. Many sellers, including myself, will not accept M.O. or Checks as they can be stolen, or bounce.
  11. Shipping of your winning auctions are much, much faster as your payment is processed immediately, and does not have to wait for clearance. You seller is paid immediately when you hit "PAY" on the PayPal site or button.

Which cases are covered?

The Buyer can benefit from PayPal Buyer Protection in these cases:

  1. For a paid item, if shipment has been agreed, the item has not been shipped by the Seller, or the Seller has not complied with the Seller’s duties described in this clause. PayPal Buyer Protection for items that have not been shipped does not cover items lost in transit. If the Seller can provide within the required time frame a valid proof of shipment (as specified in more detail in the PayPal Seller Protection Policy) or a respective equivalent proving shipment and/or receipt as agreed between PayPal and the Seller, PayPal will refuse to grant PayPal Buyer Protection. Before filing a Claim for PayPal Buyer Protection, the Buyer must allow sufficient time of at least 1 week for shipping and delivery and try to resolve the Dispute by contacting the Seller directly.
  2. The item delivered is significantly not as described by the Seller.

Below we show a number of examples for items significantly not as described.

Note: This applies to the condition of the item, in which the buyer has received it irrespective of the condition the item had originally been shipped;

This list is not exhaustive:

  • The item significantly differs from its item description, e.g. an audio book instead of a print version, a desktop PC instead of a laptop computer, an empty box;
  • The actual condition of the item differs significantly from condition as described, e.g. the item has obviously been used instead of being new and sealed;
  • The item is unusable but was not mentioned as such in the item description, e.g. important parts or components are missing, the item does not work, or the best before date has expired;
  • The item is not authentic, but was not declared as such in the item description, or the item is fake or a pirated copy;
  • Part of the amount ordered is missing, e.g. ten golf balls had been paid for, but only four were delivered.

Subsequently, here are a number of examples for items that do not qualify as significantly not as described. This list is not exhaustive.

  • The item is defective but was not described as such in the item description: “Device may not work properly“, “Parts missing”, “The photo shows scratches or defects”;
  • The Buyer does not want the item anymore after having received it, or the item does not meet the Buyer’s expectations, even though it has been described appropriately in the item description;
  • The item description is misleading for both parties. For instance, if the item appears to come in a different color than advertised; the Buyer calls it “light green”, while the Seller states it to be “turquoise”.

PayPal decides each case individually by requesting and reviewing documentation to determine whether or not an item is significantly not as described.