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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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TheVeryBest 20% off a minimum purchase of 50 dollars.

Promotional Discounts:

ScarVioEVD ( Buy 5 Get 3 Free Evolved Pokemon. Must add 8 Evolved Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet then enter the code at checkout to activate this offer.)

ScarVioLV1 ( Buy 5 Get 3 Free Level 1 Pokemon. Must add 8 Level 1 Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet then enter the code at checkout to activate this offer.)

ScarVioMS ( Buy 3 Get 3 Free Marked Shiny Pokemon. Must add 6 Marked Shiny Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet then enter the code at checkout to activate this offer.)

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Customize your perfect team with Shiny 6IV and EV trained Pokemon that have the best nature, and moveset available exclusively in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. With our bundles, you can acquire different forms of Pokemon, starters, and even Event Pokemon to truly make your team your own. Start your adventure with the strongest companions by your side.

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SV Shiny Level 1 Pokemon

Discover the wonders of the Paldea Region with a powerful team of Shiny level 1 Pokemon that have 6 perfect IVs and are EV trained. These Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and will surely be the strongest companions on your journey.

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SV Shiny Evolved Pokemon

Looking for fully evolved shiny Pokemon for competitive play in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Look no further. Our collection of 6IV and EV trained Pokemon are fully evolved, battle/trade compatible, and Pokemon Home compatible. Each Pokemon has been carefully curated with the best nature, items, and moveset for competitive play. Don't settle for less - elevate your game with these top-tier Pokemon.

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SV Paradox Pokemon

Discover the new paradox Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - unique forms of classic Pokemon from past and future timelines. Our collection features both Shiny and non-Shiny 6IV and EV trained paradox Pokemon, equipped with the best nature, and moveset. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add these one-of-a-kind Pokemon to your team.

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Your #1 Breeding, Catching and Trading Service!

Specializing in breeding, catching and trading Pokemon for competitive battlers and casual players.

  • Custom Bundles

    Choose and customize any Pokemon to your liking with shiny or not shiny legit, obtainable nature, stats, abilities and moveset.

  • Pokemon Teams

    Carry competitively trained shiny or not shiny teams into battle to obliterate the competition!

  • Pokemon Bundles

    Acquire different Pokemon forms, starters, and Event Pokemon through different bundles.

  • Individual Pokemon

    Pick and choose individual Pokemon you need to fill out your Pokedex.